Hello! I’m Sage Volkman, and I was raised by hippies.

This isn’t a site about how to survive the politics of communal living (although I DO have a tip or two) it’s to introduce me—a daughter, sister, burn survivor, therapist, perennial optimist, candybar junkie, food lover, book nerd, and shopaholic—to you.

My unique story begins in the throes of a signature New Mexico summer lightning storm with my brother, father, and very pregnant (with me) mother, who went into labor after a lightning strike knocked out the power to our commune home. I arrived a few hours later, bright-eyed and blinking, received into my loving parents’ arms, and ready to take on the world.

My older brother and I had a fun-filled childhood. We were always covered in dirt from daily adventures, and after our dreaded nightly baths, we would fall into bed exhausted, contented, loved. This carefree existence changed drastically when I was five years old. My dad took my brother and I on a camping trip, and I was severely burned when the camping trailer I was sleeping in caught fire. I sustained third-and fourth-degree burns to over 70% of my body, and doctors at the time asked my parents to say their last goodbyes as they had little hope for my survival. In the slim chance that I made it, they said, I would never lead a normal life and would certainly never walk again.

After 78 major operations, years of excruciating occupational and physical therapy, and that blessedly triumphant moment when I took my first steps without help, I have happily proven those doctors’ initial diagnoses incorrect. I returned to school, earned both my undergraduate and master’s degrees, and now practice as a licensed therapist specializing in trauma PTSD, addiction, anxiety, and depression. As a therapist who helps struggling patients manage their personal crises, I cultivate and build upon strengths they already possess to help them achieve the positive future they’ve visualized for themselves.

My life is no cakewalk, but I don’t consider myself a victim. I’m a survivor. I meet my life’s challenges with spunk! Not only have I weathered significant storms, but thrived beyond them. I want to share my story and positive outlook with you, knowing firsthand that hope exists in the most dire of circumstances, and that there are ways to truly achieve happiness.

I currently live and work in Utah, but make it a priority to spend time visiting my family (no longer hippies, but really milking that organic food movement) and make speaking engagements all over the world. And, oddly enough, I love lightning storms.

About Sage Volkman

After being burned beyond recognition in a tragic accident when she was five years old, Sage has worked to recreate her ideas of the world and, throughout her whole life, has managed to keep an incredibly positive attitude that she always brings to the table when she does motivational and inspirational speaking.

Learn more about Sage’s story here and here.

Sage’s Training

Because Sage is currently a licensed, professional counselor, she understands the ways in which people can be encouraged to play a more active role in their own lives. In addition, her incredible drive to help others see the beauty in whatever situation they are dealing with.

Though she specializes in treating addictions, trauma, PTSD, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, depression, and problems with self-esteem, she is capable of helping any person from any group realize their full potential while she speaks to an audience.

As far as academic training goes, Sage received her undergraduate degree in psychology at Brigham Young University in Idaho and went on to get her Masters of Science degree in counseling at the University of Phoenix.

What Sets Sage Apart from Other Motivational Speakers?

One of the most notable aspects of Sage’s personality is that she has a unique ability to make anyone feel comfortable and calm in her presence. Because she exudes a feeling of familiarity, she encourages large groups into opening up and listening to what she has to say.

Since Sage has overcome numerous challenges as a burn victim, she adamantly assures everyone she meets that any obstacle can be overcome through positivity and determination.

By helping others achieve true happiness, Sage believes that she is fulfilling her life’s purpose. She frequently travels around the world sharing her positive messages in her inspirational conversations. In this way, she’s been able to touch the lives of many, many people.

If you are interested in learning more about Sage Volkman or would like to have her speak at your next event, call her today at (385)-312-0449!