Inspirational Speaking

Many of us go through life’s motions without periodically reassessing how we can fulfill our truest potential. Once we settle into a comfortable routine, we become blind to opportunities that can help us improve our wellbeing. When this happens, a little inspiration can be the perfect remedy for getting us back on track. As a very personable individual, Sage Volkman prides herself in her ability to read an audience and determine what to say for people to recognize the hidden obstacles in their lives.

Inspiring and Empowering a Multitude of People

After realizing that you’ve been doing something that is limiting, or even damaging your potential, you need the right inspiration to propel you to transform yourself into the person you want to be.  The obstacles become less difficult to confront when you have a recognizable source of action.

Sage has an extraordinary talent for encouraging people and helping them understand that their hardship is possible to overcome. With a wealth of anecdotes and experiences from her own life, she understands all too well that life isn’t always easy.

Her goal is to let you in on secrets that helped her through her life’s journey, and to let you know how you can move past your life’s challenges with an incredibly positive attitude as well.

Connecting People Together

Sage knows firsthand that when people work together, overcoming obstacles is exponentially easier. This is why she aims to not only inspire on an individual level, but to inspire groups of people. With an animated voice and a great attitude, Sage’s talks are moving, unforgettable, and inspiring.


Sage is passionate about improving others’ lives, and happy to come to any community event, business gathering, or religious setting to inspire people and help instill a desire to change. She will do everything she can to work your event into her schedule.