Motivational Speaking

We all face issues we’d like to change, but knowing what to change is the easy part—knowing how to change is sometimes greater than the challenge itself! Often, we already possess the parts, but need the tools and motivations to move toward the future we’ve visualized. Sage Volkman has years of experience helping individuals find the motivation and strength to move past difficult trials, and empathizes with the mental processes involved in coping with hardship. Her personal and professional experiences motivate her daily to help every person she comes across to get what they want out of life.

Enhancing Your Everyday Performance

As creatures of habit, our daily routines often inhibit our potential for personal greatness. Sage helps illuminate which day-to-day activities prevent you from achieving your fullest potential, how the quality of your life will change once you enhance your everyday activities with the tools you already have. Her motivational speaking involves teaching through personal anecdotes of her successful journey through many challenges and sharing her techniques for triumphing over personal obstacles.

Having Sage Speak at Your Business

The stresses of running a business or working through an economic downturn aren’t uncommon; many organizations often need something extra to help motivate and re-dedicate their employees to a common goal. Studies have shown that employees are more productive when they feel that their work environment supports and invests in their health. By engaging Sage for your next event, you can re-energize your colleagues and prepare them to make positive changes in their lives, which will make all the difference for the health of your organization.