Sage Volkman speakingSpeaking Opportunities

From a young age, Sage has known she wanted to help people with their private struggles. She has achieved this dream by sharing her methods for coping with life’s wide spectrum of obstacles. Through speaking engagements with large and small groups—from accounting firms, youth groups, fire stations, nonprofits organizations, and conference sessions—Sage has touched many lives. Her inspirational messages encourage hope and happiness in people from all walks of life, helping free them from the barriers which obstruct their positive futures.

Inspirational Speaking

Inspirational speaking is designed to inspire strength and courage in an individual. Sage skillfully achieves this outcome with inspirational stories and her passion for positive change, which she conveys throughout her sessions. Not only does she encourage apathetic hearts to actively engage their best selves, she does this in a comfortable, relatable way. Though Sage enjoys incorporating spiritual aspects of inspiration into her talks, she ensures that they are appropriate for any and all audiences.

Motivational Speaking

Sage’s motivational speaking methods help people strengthen tools they already possess to overcome difficult situations in their lives. Finding the strength to pursue success can be difficult if you don’t know which tools to use or how to use them. Sage helps her audiences recognize which tools are best for them, and trains them to use these tools in effective ways. Sage’s motivational-focused speaking helps people dedicate themselves to a positive outlook by recognizing and using their strengths; as they overcome individual challenges, all aspects of their lives change for the better.

Business Speaking

No matter the industry, success in business depends on the motivations and productivity of its employees. Once individuals in an organization possess the inspiration and tools to move in a positive direction, every aspect of the business becomes healthier. By analyzing your business through Sage’s lens of overall health effected through individual change, your company will learn how to overcome its challenges through a series of small, specific improvements. Additionally, Sage can be booked for organizational speaking engagements to help you optimize your employees’ and company’s skills.

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