“If you are going to hear a presentation on overcoming adversity, Sage is the one to hear it from. Sage is my favorite guest speaker I’ve ever listened to, and she is incredible. I think everyone needs to hear her story first-hand. I am definitely a better person for it. Not only did she teach me about not giving up when times are tough, she taught me to be my own best friend. (I’m much nicer to myself now!) She taught that everyone goes through their own catastrophes in life. Sometimes our fires leave physical scars behind, while others leave invisible scars. This doesn’t indicate that one person had a tougher time than another, because we all have hard times, and we all can control how we get through them. We can give in to the doom, depression, and sadness, or we can reach up and grow past our fears and live our lives to the fullest. I have been forever inspired by Sage; for she, if anyone, has overcome her adversities and is determined to be happy.”

— Anna Melugin, Inventory Optimization Analyst – IntegraCore, LLC.

“Sage Volkman touches the true meaning of being alive as she shares her story of love, humor, and victory. She moves her audience with her gift of honesty that grabs your heart and plants seeds to change yours.”

— Sandra Cherry, Faculty at BYU